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3Di Creative Food concepts, created by two very unique and creative individuals, Pierre-Marie Leprince and Greg Smitka, it is an agency providing concept creation, guidance and management support to investors and companies interested in the food industry.

Our focus from urban to touristic market is to provide solution and options to a network of individuals investors or companies seeking to invest in franchise models or stand alone business.

3Di also provide consulting services to future and current businesses, making consulting accessible and affordable to all sizes of businesses looking to improve/further develop their current concept and operations or to explore new market(s).

Our consulting team can assist you directly at the operational level to reduce costs and/or improve your business productivity for a few hours mission up to week(s) or month(s).

3Di Creative Food Concepts will be your partner in every and any step of your project as you see fit, bringing unique professional expertise and leadership guidance and support.

Founding Partners
~ Depth OF knowledge

Greg Smitka ~

Director-Partner, Consultant
Investors relations, Project Development & Management

greg@3DiFoodGroup.com  |  Linkedin Profile`GS


Pierre-Marie Leprince  ~ 

Director-Partner, Consultant
Concepts Creation, Operational
Development & Management

pierre-marie@3DiFoodGroup.com  |  Linkedin Profile`PML

Extensive experience and expertise in the hospitality and F&B field. From fast food, privately owned businesses to large corporations.  Both trained Chefs, Greg and Pierre-Marie have a true passion and respect for the industry and its business owners.

Around the world, at sea, on land and in the USA in particular, this diverse and rich knowledge is made available to your business via 3Di Creative Food Concepts agency.

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Strategic Partners  / Added Expertise

POS (Point of Sale) Systems